Stockport Town House

A site is cleared, an old store near to the town centre closes and there is an opportunity to create a vibrant luxury inner urban village on top of and around the site, with the prospect of reopening a revitalised new store on that location. A blend of luxury town houses, apartments (posh flats) and studios. Upto a hundred new homes and substantial investment in the town centre. A new style in architecture that builds upon the older traditional styles in the old parts of town and enhances it with bold but not brutal new elements.

A touch of ironwork, mixes with modern technology timber, brick and a blend of stone and textured concrete to create a friendlier texture to the site and help it reinforce the older styles of the town centre and marketplace.

At the heart of the site, a private raised garden and around the exterior, marking the boundary of a busy road, exterior “green walls” are added to enhance the commercial and cultural attraction, while on the ground floor a small arcade of boutique studio workshops and retails spaces for new fashion may be installed.

Total capacity on the site: 72-80 luxury apartments in a spacious 18 storey tower, a row of at least a dozen town houses and a slender tower of 14-20 compact studio apartments.

Here is another vision for Stockport as a new Powerhouse of social, economic and environmental revival.

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