Reddish Regeneration

In 2010 Free-Homes designer Michael Bond proposed a new youth, sport, health & fitness Hall for North Reddish in his home town of Stockport. The Hall (better than calling everything a “centre”?) would be located on the empty site of a former primary school. The proposal was turned down in favour of new housing on the site.

In December 2019 the local town council area committee for the Heatons and Reddish district included a point raised by two councillors from North Reddish concerning the closure of a local footpath due to anti-social behaviour. That footpath is just three hundred yards from the proposed site of the Sports Hall.

As a local resident Michael believes that the Sports Hall would have helped improve conditions for youth in the community and solve anti-social behaviour issues a decade ago. Now it is time to think again about providing a major new focus for social, sport and community activity in the area and try again to solve general social and economic decay in the area.

Michael proposes a larger Hall with more facilities to be open for longer hours and provide more modern facilities in an inspirational new building.

The only possible location for such an environmental improvement project is the current site of Reddish Vale secondary school. The new Hall of sport and education can form the foundation of a major programme of local regeneration. Under Michael’s plan most of the funding will be provided by the private sector if the community and the local council, parents and school staff approve.

Reddish Vale School & Sport Hall

DOWNLOAD the illustrations and briefings (below) if you want to learn more. Meanwhile here are the highlights:-

  • A completely new school on the current site.
  • An architectural form inspired more by classic/gothic and Hogwarts and less like a piece of shoddy modern trash from a low-cost builder.
  • Extensive facilities for a wider range of academic, social and sporting activities.
  • To be open for longer hours at least six days a week.
  • Paid for and supported through a private finance holding Trust under management and principal administration by the founder Michael Bond.
  • Most operating costs to be met through the Trust once fully-established.
  • School to be extended where possible to function as a non-religious comprehensive school to give all pupils the widest opportunity of excellent education throughout their time here.
  • A wider range of sporting facilities for the community to enjoy.
  • Additional vocational workshop and related facilities for those with more skill in non-academic talents, in technology, the arts, innovation, design, etc.
  • A secondary project to rebuild the old weir in Reddish Vale, as a small hydro-power dam, to deliver a focal point for study in engineering, architecture, power technologies, and create an ongoing supply of power for the School Hall throughout its life.
  • Other self-sufficiency power generation on-site for long term education and sustainability.
  • No debt to the local council or central government (subsidies and aid are welcome but we have to be aware of the continuing (2019-2020) and future demands of austerity, BREXIT, and more to-come).
  • Additional affordable housing subject to cooperation with local land owners as part of the project to extend the scope of local parking.
Watch Michael’s presentation here if you haven’t seen it elsewhere.

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