Stockport Marketplace on a sunny winter morn

A series of articles and proposals by Michael Bond for the regeneration of his home town, Stockport, Cheshire, and the revival of the local economy. To be used as a general template for the regeneration of other British communities. Subject to the early approval and support by the town council the success of these developments will lead sufficient funds to implement aspects of these proposals nation-wide.

For Stockport

The aim of these proposals for Stockport are to regenerate the town’s economy, improve the urban built environment, draw upon the history of the town and inspire future generations to greater achievements.

Development projects for the town can bring greater social and economic benefit to the community through new job creation, other economic opportunity, improved availability of superior designs of housing that draws on historic styles and adds modern techniques for the healthiest homes for all owners and occupants.

Prosperity for The Public

At the heart of this strategy is the link between investment in new urban development and local economic health and associated social initiatives to lift the entire community to a new prosperity. Whether through job creation, new business opportunity or improving the overall health and well-being of the public, a new environment can contribute in many ways to attracting further investment and income to the community.

However, the best benefits come from a well-considered plan of action that takes advantage of the natural assets, the history, heritage, architecture and the active participation of the public in creating and maintaining a sustainable thriving and prosperous community.

It begins with public support, whether directly or through the active participation of the Town Council.

Learn more from Michael’s videos then come and join us in the Stockport Powerhouse:-

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Introduction Video
Michael explains the idea of the Stockport Powerhouse.

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