Date: Monday, 23rd, November, 2020

Tame Riverbank Repair & Improvement

While we await the end of this year’s crisis with the COVID epidemic I have been working around the Vale with my own one-man work (gang of one?) to improve conditions and clear a few of the park’s paths (you can follow these occasional news snippets through the Reddish or my facebook pages). In the meantime I have been tracking the ongoing erosion of the riverbank next to the viaduct and planning a new repair.

The bank (below) has been eroding for many years, increasingly threatening the park’s footpath that runs along the top. I believe we ought to do more than just repair the bank and restore it to its past condition, like the repair that took place on the opposite bank. I believe we have an opportunity to do something more imaginative and more enjoyable.

Riverbank Walkway

Rather than just restore the old bank I propose we build an enhanced bank and place a reinforced, flood-resistant lower path for everyone to enjoy getting closer to the river, especially everyone who has enjoyed paddling in those blazing hot summer weeks we’ve recently had (yes, I saw you all at it!).

My plan involves taking advantage of the cutting created by the erosion to place steps down to a lower terrace just above the river when it’s at a higher flood. This is extended out to guarantee a long term resistance to future erosion, creating a substantial barrier for many generations to-come.

To enhance this further I plan to extend it under the viaduct to connect to the bank farther upriver and provide a walkway connecting both sides of the viaduct so you can all enjoy a new walk under the arches almost at river level, and paddling.

Council Approvals

I have already approached the council about my Reddish revival ideas, but that happened just before lockdown and everything has frozen since then. If they approve then we can begin detailed work very soon, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.

(If you know of any Councillors lurking around can you give them a nudge?)


I may have one or two little ways to raise a few funds for this and related initiatives. It depends on how many are willing to support my ideas. More of that another time.

Riverbank Repair, Part 2, Another Riverside Walkway

March, 2021: More erosion at the beginning of 2021 and the need for additional plans and investment to improve the park, along with another exciting opportunity to enhance the park: read part two here.

You can keep track of my activities through here, the Reddish facebook pages or the Stockport Powerhouse facebook page here: Stockport Powerhouse On FB.

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