Reddish Vale Riverbank Repair & Improvement, Part 3

Date: Monday, 25th, January, 2022

It’s now partly underway, but it’s not my original idea. Over the last few days I’ve been on contact with Network Rail and their plan to repair the riverbanks on both sides of the river and the viaduct, especially to reinforce the collapsed bank at the foot of one viaduct pier. They are now laying down at least 1200 (one thousand two hundred) tons of heavy rock along a hundred yards of river bank to act as a long term barrier to shield the banks against erosion.

As you know I’ve been advocating some action for the last year and planned a construction using a solid wall of stone rather than a pile of rubble, so I shall have rethink my own ideas for how the river banks may be used and enjoyed.

While the rockery won’t have the smooth and clean lines of my original thoughts I believe they will serve as a great amenity as they mature into the Vale over the years.

There may still be potential for reinforcing and building up the bases of both river banks to create the scenic paths I proposed last year. This will have to be discussed with Network Rail and the Council in the future.

River Walks

This was my original proposal. The bank will now be a heavy rockery but there may still be an opportunity to add the lower paths and stone steps to reach the river and enjoy a walk on the edge and under the arches. These will also serve to shield the lowest part of the repaired banks and further shield them, and the blossoming rockery from flood damage until the Council approve my proposals for the hydro dam to moderate flooding and speed of river flow.

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