Following the recent launch of the Reddish Regeneration initiative a new update has added further detail to include the electric power generation potential of Reddish Vale. The plan for the Reddish Vale Regeneration now includes the reconstruction of the old Strines weir on the Tame river. The weir collapsed in the late 1960s, resulting in increases in river bank erosion, and the reintroduction of a new dam should contribute to increasing the amenity of the Reddish Vale Country Park.

The power generation potential of the river is planned to subsidise the current and future power consumed by Reddish Vale High School, reducing their long term costs and supplementing the power demands from the new school if the regeneration plans are approved by the school, council and community.

In addition to electric power generation the future hydrodam will act as focal point for education of local primary and secondary schools into electric power generation and engineering science.

Learn all about the initiative and download the power notes here: