Press Release: Wednesday, 15th, April, 2020

In response to today’s announcements and dire warnings from the British government’s Office Of Budget Responsibility, Michael Bond, founder of Stockport Powerhouse and Sterling-Bond Financial Services offers his own positive answer to the doom-laden suggestions about the future of the UK economy – we do not have to suffer a deep recession, there is ample credit and cash in the financial sector to reboot the UK economy and set it on a more prosperous path of regeneration and growth.

Having spent many years on the fringes of the British financial sector Michael Bond is especially placed to see the potential of a major programme of investment and economic revitalization for the long term prosperity of the UK economy. On the basis of his experience and modelling the UK economy over the last few years he believes there is plenty of opportunity and the credit in the financial sector to avert the majority or all of the savage damage to the UK economy post-coronavirus.

According to Michael it is possible to release all the funds needed to shield the UK economy against deep recession and lay the foundations for a stronger and healthier economy over the next few years. On a small scale Michael is already working to bring some of this investment capital into play in his own community around Stockport, Cheshire and surrounding districts. This is being done through his new economic and environmental regeneration initiative The Stockport Powerhouse. If the government wishes to reduce the damage to the country from the coronavirus then it is possible to scale this vision up enough to draw more capital into a national effort of recovery for everyone.

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