Michael’s Port – Housing & Commercial

MichaelsPort is not just a smaller/executive hub airport but a fully-integrated enterprise community under a single estate management through Free-Homes, Sterling-Bond management and the housing trust.

As part of this the site includes at least one square mile for a housing and commercial district with adjoining public parks, marina and ferry docks.

Within this district there is potential for a heliport, schools, hospital, and between five and nine Vertical Villages.

Each Vertical Village has, depending on internal layout, the potential to accommodate several thousand affordable homes.

  • 2,500 – 6,000 affordable homes (average 4,000?)
  • 100 VIP luxury homes

In total there is thus a potential for at least 20,000 affordable homes and upto 900 VIP homes in addition to the three hundred VIP Villas.  Space around the bases of the Vertical Villages provide substantial capacity for light industry and commercial activities, workshops, studios, offices, etc.

The majority of the luxury homes are priced at approximately £50 million, bringing in an additional £45,000 million to the project development.