A unique proposal for the revitalization of Manchester University around the Piccadilly Station quarter.

March, 2019

In the last few weeks Manchester University have invited proposals for the regeneration of a key site within the University to become a new Innovation District neighbouring Piccadilly railway station.

Many corporations from around the country and around the world are invited to put themselves forward as Joint Venture partners for this exciting opportunity.  But will they bring the best possible vision to the city?

I offer my own interpretation and plan for Piccadilly and the University, a major regeneration, new housing, very innovative designs for residents, students and occupiers.

Will it succeed, will you approve, will you support, do you want to buy into this project?

Read the full proposal from this LINK and let me know if you want to share in the future of Manchester.

Mind the pussy.

I-D Manchester, Michael’s Proposal

UP-DATE: 27th, January, 2021

For clarification, this concept for ID Manchester is never likely to go ahead. A personal proposal by the designer Michael Bond his ideas were not acknowledged by the University who proceeded to seek an established major development partner for this location. The designs remain lodged here to demonstrate Michael’s understanding of design and the creation of sustainable urban environments. The £2,000 million funding plan proposed by Michael for the concept will not be developed. The presence of the designs here is NOT INTENDED in any manner to suggest any kind of endorsement by any authority associated with the University now or in the future.

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