Founder/Designer: Michael Bond

Michael, a specialist in financial management and trusted neutral financial escrow agent, has a strong personal enthusiasm for technology design and new innovations in the automotive, aerospace and architectural fields.

Free-Homes is his answer to fundamental issues of the environment and good design for long term sustainable use around the world.  The distinction of these and other designs to-come draws on forms inspired by the natural environment, or to embraces more traditional/industrial styles which pre-dated modern brutalism and modernism to create styles with a human-scale character for a friendlier and community.

Michael’s core experience in financial management service has given him over a decade of experience to create a new and unique business models to reduce cost and risk in advanced development projects.  This is the heart of the Free-Homes initiative.

Early Career in Stockport Town Regeneration

Michael’s early career after leaving school, many, many years ago, included a short stint in urban renewal working for his home town Council, Stockport, as site labourer on small building sites around town.

Later he spent a year and a half working as office assistant with a local community group in the Brinnington community alongside part of the town’s Single Regeneration programmes.

Both these experiences added to Michael’s long term interest in urban design and how communities are shaped by the architecture they are given for good or ill.

Technology & Design Innovation

Learn about Michael’s interest in technology and design to improve buildings and their performance here.