Michael Bond’s interest in design and technology has led him to various design innovations and opportunities for improving the efficiency of the build environment over the years. His early work in the 1980s and 1990s led to the creation of two improvements in building design and function.

Helter Skelter Escape Ride

Michael Bond'shelter skelter slide for evacuation buildings.

The concept for using helter skelter slides for rapid evacuation of tall buildings when under threat.

Tall buildings challenge the ability to evacuate large numbers of people quickly, but almost every child know the fun of a helter skelter slide.

A spiral slide in a building can be an exciting addition to the environment and a quick way for healthy children and adults to get down and out of a building at speed. This is not just a standard fire escape. A spiral slide can be useful and entertaining at all times throughout a building’s life.

Michael’s Frame

Michael’s Frame is a design for an efficient building frame to support doors, windows and other installations for improved safety and efficiency of construction.

The frame supports any mounting in a standard format, making it easier to install and replace structural features throughout a building’s life with minimal disruption for occupants.

Voltage Optimization

Voltage Optimization is a technology to improve the efficiency of electric usage in any building.

On large commercial sites a voltage optimiser will improve efficiency of electrical usage to save upto fifteen percent (15%) of electric usages when compared to unoptimised sites.

For new-build sites the installation of voltage optimization will result in long term efficiencies in the life of the building reducing its power consumption, reducing the carbon cost of the building’s life and reducing overload, and fire hazard, in any equipment throughout a building or larger site.

Low Gas

Michael has created a new design of gas fire for the home that may improve efficiency and heating to create a more comfortable and healthier home. To be developed and delivered alongside housing projects.