Learn About Free-Homes

Free-Homes is one future for urban and country design and architecture.

Free-Homes has been created by architectural design enthusiast and technology design innovator Michael Bond in response to the need for new styles of architecture that offer luxury, distinctive styling and an answer to the issues of the time.

How do we create new homes for VIPs that do not squander the limited English countryside?

How do we offer a new bold and distinctive vision for those who seek it?

How do we offer privacy and security for VIP clients around the world?

And how do we create new structures, for singular private dwellings or mass public housing, to provide new levels of safety, comfort and conserve the limited land resources in highly urbanised areas of the world, such as Britain and Japan?

Free-Homes brings together two key answers needed in the modern world – a form that answers the physical demands for respect of the environment, privacy and luxury, with the financial demand for investment without risk.