Environment Agency

Flood and coastal defences in the UK are in the hands of various local, regional and national agencies.  For efficiency the principal agency to work with this initiative will be the Environment Agency.

Their role will be to coordinate with all other agencies on a suitable strategy to identify and specify local defence needs and designs.

They will be solely responsible, at their own expense, in this identification and consultancy process.  They will not be responsible for the cost or effort in the building processes.

Sterling-Bond Financial & Project Management

The bulk of the defences, property restoration and new building programme will be managed through Sterling-Bond financial services and Free-Homes as the principal funding and management agencies.  To:-

  • Undertake all funding of the programme.
  • Hold in trust all assets created/enhanced in this programme.
  • Manage all funding for all aspects of the programme.
  • Manage all design of new sites for delivery to local areas.
  • Work with local agencies to see best economic benefit for local communities.

NO FUNDING will be required from the Treasury other than modest start-up seed funding should the government wish to launch this immediately, repayable within 36 months.  No funding will be distributed to any local authorities or agencies.  This is to prevent misdirection of funds to meet other demands.

ALL FUNDING is intended solely for the delivery of this programme and the maximum civil benefit.