Recession & Flood

Under the economic restraints faced by the British government in 2014 an alternative strategy is vital if the tremendous property damages, economic losses and environmental problems are to be dealt with.

It’s acknowledged that there is little or no money from the UK government, but alternative sources can be found within the UK to raise all the necessary capital.

Such a financial source is available subject to government approval. This source can be made available and all logistical arrangements put into place within two or three years.

Without government approval it can be undertaken independently, with public support, and take five to eight years to establish all elements necessary for the programme’s success.

Self-Funding Programme

This programme of action will become self-funding through normal commercial mechanisms once launched.  Key features include: raising and investing upto sixty thousand million pounds into a million properties for replacement, restoration or rebuilding; a sub-programme to invest upto twelve, possibly fifteen, thousand million pounds in new coastal and flood defences; job creation through the programme; home-building with a mixture of traditional and new styles and technologies; new energy efficient styles and technologies; other improvements as the opportunity arises.

Underlying this programme are the key benefits to the UK economy – Stimulus without taxation.  There is no need to raise or spend additional taxes to pay for this programme, new employment and local economic stimulus is assured and the entire programme can be undertaken successfully within the limits of the UK economy and finance sector.

NOTE:  To emphasise the following points – there is NO COST to the tax-payer/Treasury for full funding of this; and, no mortgage or loan debt for any existing property owner.