New Architecture

Part of this programme will delivery bold new architecture to address the two issues in the country today:  resistance to flooding; and the housing shortage.

In both cases the objective is to make the most efficient and considered use of land, not squander it on endless arrays of “little boxes” and tasteless follies (suburbs and “bungalow blight”).  A particular objective is to conserve the green belts and countryside while providing new housing of the highest quality that will stand soundly for centuries.  Some suggestions can be seen in the following illustrations:

  1. Bankside Homes
  2. Overbank View
  3. Overbank Tower
  4. Bridge House
  5. Mid-Land Tower
  6. Little Village
  7. Barrier House

These are not the only options, much of the new design and rebuild will sympathetic to the local environment, some will be devised dependent on the location and available space for building.