Flood Britannia - £60,000 Million Programme

Upto £60,000 million could be made available for the devastation in flood-hit areas of the UK. Subject to the approval and support of the UK government this programme of restoration could be launched in 2-3 years.  Without UK government approval, as a private initiative with modest public sponsorship, such a programme would take 5-8 years to launch.

This programme offers approximately £60-80,000 per home/premises for at least a million homes throughout the effected areas using the mew model economic strategy for the revival of the UK economy.  This means NO COST to the tax-payer/Treasury.

Of the total money spent on this programme upto 20-25%, approximately £12-15,000 million can be made available for flood defences.

Restoration Programme

This unique programme uses private sector funding to meet a mixture of public and private needs, including:  replacement of flood-effected housing, creation of new income-generating housing and expansion of a range of flood defences for future disasters.

New styles of architecture will use Free-Homes's strong interest in raised and vertical housing, from single luxury home design for billinaire clients, through to the concepts for "Vertical Villages" to avoid further damage to the nation's green belts and countryside.

Under this programme upto a million homes can either be newly built to add to each area's housing stock, or built to replace damaged and inappropriate housing in flood effected areas.

The principal objectives are: to revitalise the local economy, restore the housing environment, stimulate new economic growth, contribute to reducing the national housing shortage.

More information will be posted in due course.  If you wish to take advantage or support this programme contact Free-Homes for further details and tell your local politicians of the benefits of new/restored housing and flood defences at NO COST to the Treasury.

This is Free-Homes.