Open Letter for the Attention of the Governor & People of California.

Sunday, 18th, November, 2018

California Restored

A proposal of reconstruction for California.

I shouldn't be writing this yet. My plans were to develop my services, facilities and credibility through my supercar and urban development projects before bringing this forward, but the tragic situation in California demands some action now and offers an opportunity to begin my work ahead of schedule if you are open to a proposal for the rebuild of California's lost communities.

California Restored

Investment For Free Homes

It's possible to raise, manage and invest private international funds into the reconstruction of all the communities lost in the recent fires, then expand that work to prepare other communities for their own challenges before they suffer similar consequences.

It is also possible to do this at little or not cost to the people of California. In simple terms, I believe, if my innovative proposals and plans are approved, it may be possible to deliver funds into reconstruction investment at no cost to all the people and communities who have lost so much - they shall not need to repay the investment granted to them.

a leap of faith

But it will take a leap of faith that you accept I know what I'm talking about and you trust me with your support during these difficult times.

My experience over many years has led me to a new understanding of how and why the Wall Street banking crisis of 2008 savaged the world economy and how that same banking system can be used to conduct a transformative reconstruction of California. I've come to the conclusion that a careful and disciplined management of that same system can delivery enormous benefits to the public. However, such benefits demand a new style of organisation and management free of traditional structures and psychopathy.

Reconstruction Anew

Today, with so many communities so badly hurt, there is an opportunity to do something new, learn lessons from the past and restore communities with new finance supporting job creation, industrial and scientific innovation and long term, large-scale reconstruction.

Rather than go back to the same old traditional architecture we can all learn the lesson that communities in areas of hazard, whether fire, flood volcano or tsunami (yes, Washington State I do mean you too and your impending tsunami) need to learn and build anew for the hazards you face.

I propose a development programme to assemble the resources and focus the capacity of the banking system on reconstructing California's lost communities with new construction of new building technology. Combining a blend of advanced yet simple design and material technology, a range of structures can be created and mass produced to serve every community, replace all lost building stock and deliver a robust disaster-proof solution for the long term survival and prosperity of every community and family who has suffered loss.

The entire cost of the programme, will be met through the new system formulated over the last few years.

there is no long term financial cost to any family, person or community

To emphasis this specific point: there is no long term financial cost to any family, person or community - the world banking system has the resources to deliver the entire programme subject to full approvals by the authorities and permits to deliver this to the public.

No cost for the state authorities, no cost for federal authorities other than their full approval and support of the proposition and the funding that can be brought in to the communities over the next few months and years as every community receives the benefits of this offer.

The funds will be channelled through the development agency created for this purpose. They will be directed into the reconstruction programme throughout the effected areas and then expanded outwards to the rest of the state as it is rebuilt to become disaster-ready for future crises. Every home, every community effected to-date and into the future will benefit from this programme of reconstruction and investment.

The new architectures will favour styles that are comfortable, modern, disaster-proof, bringing innovative technologies such as new materials and old technologies for the maximum environmental efficiency. This is another opportunity available as a result of this crisis - the potential to replace old and inefficient buildings with new, simple, very efficient styles of structure and thus contribute to the improvement in the world environment.

Freedom Of Agency

The financial programme will be closely supervised internally, with complete freedom of action, to guarantee safe and direct delivery to the workers and communities in need. This is not a bureaucratic funding system distributed through intermediary agencies, then local authorities and so on until a dribble reaches those in need, it removes all intermediaries from the process and brings the investment directly to the point of need. For this reason the agency will need full autonomy to work for the public good as an independent politically-neutral agent of reconstruction.

The entire programme, including funding, delivery, consolidation and completion through to final settlement will take about 6-30 months to launch the funding, recruit staff and implement the design, engineering and delivery process. I appreciate many people need solutions immediately so a temporary housing programme could be introduced to be replaced by permanent structured in the next 3-5 years. This could be shortened if we pursue a "burn" policy of large-scale investment then address all the attendant issues after the programme is running, but I suspect this will lead to inefficiencies in the short term and mistakes that will be time-consuming and costly to resolve over the following 5-20 years.

Long term the entire programme will close down in 84 years as all funding issues are resolved and the funds rebalanced within the accounting process. There will then be an opportunity to renew the programme for future generations or close it all off completely and move on to new fields of endeavour.


These are brief notes composed in the last few hours. As I mentioned at the beginning, I had no formal plans to introduce this until after completing my work on the Rumbler Sport Tank but the situation in California today demands action and offers opportunity today. I have no credibility or credentials to offer the state and people of California today, nothing but a plan of action that can be launched and delivered over the next few months and years.

These notes do not constitute a complete plan, just my initial thoughts. If you have any interest in this then reach me here or via Rumbler in the first instance and we shall discuss how to bring this answer safely to all those in need.