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Luxury and distinction, designed for everyone with an appreciation of the countryside.
Catering to the needs for privacy, security and distinction.
Preserving the beauty of the landscape with the smallest ground footprint.
A unique financial model - the perfect investment for your wealth.
Free-Homes provides a range of offerings and opportunities for private acquisition or mass public housing.

Oak Tree Tower Homes

Conceived by Michael Bond, technology design innovator and finance specialist in England, this distinctive style of home is one example of his striking visions to-come.  

The "Oak Tree", inspired by the elegant beauty of nature, spreads its wings over the country, your personal landscape is enhanced with a form that rises gently in a sequence of expanding steps outward and upward, until, at your private leisure deck, you float over the land.

Offering a distinctive privacy and security for wealthy and VIP clients or consortia of private investors this provides a new level of luxury, conserving the ground footprint of the home to give you the largest garden space for your leisure and an exceptional view of your private park or the surrounding landscape.

Enjoy the view of rolling hills, of open desert or the coastline and seas in the tranquil privacy of your home.

Equipped with all the comforts of the best home in a modern style this is a perfect long term investment in taste, beauty and style.

Special Projects

In response to debates and distasers in Britain here are additional projects that could benefit from Free-Homes:-


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